MondoPondo 2.0

Put your general knowledge to the test in this fun game

Who can Play MondoPondo? Anyone who can speak English and answer questions. We have had this new version tested in family groups from 11 to 65 years old. Its been tested with total strangers and of course with groups of good friends. The game has been designed - and evolved over the years - to really get people to relax and laugh and see the embrace the fun side of life. This is why we and many others think its the best game in the world: everyone who plays it loves it and has a great fun time.

How do you play MondoPondo? Firstly you need 2 to 16 players and anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours of time to kill. You get together, enter your names and sex and choose what type of game you want to play. Everything is highly configurable - or you can jump straight in with the standard settings.

Once started, each player gets asked a multiple choice question. If they get the question correct they win a pond (That's the currency of the game). If they get it wrong then they have a choice of performing a dare or telling a truth. If they fail in that task they loose ponds. The game is won when a player gets 10 Ponds (Or whatever is set in the preferences)

What are the dares and truths like? The easy way to find that out is to play the game, after all its free to try. What we will say is that there are loads of them, and they are all unique and well thought out. What is more, the dares and truths are adaptive to the game situation because the game knows your sex, the game state and so on. Its all very complex behind the scenes but you don't see any of that.

We are pretty convinced that MondoPondo has the biggest collection of dares and truths in the history of the universe. That's a bold claim, but so far nobody has bettered it.

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MondoPondo 2.0

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